A note on the false discovery rate and inconsistent comparisons between experiments
Scaffolding and validation of bacterial genome assemblies using optical restriction maps
Combining statistical alignment and phylogenetic footprinting to detect regulatory elements
Analysis of correlated mutations in HIV-1 protease using spectral clustering
Domain annotation of trimeric autotransporter adhesins—daTAA
Assigning functional linkages to proteins using phylogenetic profiles and continuous phenotypes
Probabilistic multi-class multi-kernel learning: on protein fold recognition and remote homology detection
Prediction of the translocon-mediated membrane insertion free energies of protein sequences
An improved physico-chemical model of hybridization on high-density oligonucleotide microarrays
Linear time-varying models can reveal non-linear interactions of biomolecular regulatory networks using multiple time-series data
Peak bagging for peptide mass fingerprinting
ASPicDB: A database resource for alternative splicing analysis
GeneTrack—a genomic data processing and visualization framework
CompariMotif: quick and easy comparisons of sequence motifs
MTMDAT: Automated analysis and visualization of mass spectrometry data for tertiary and quaternary structure probing of proteins
FT-COMAR: fault tolerant three-dimensional structure reconstruction from protein contact maps
siRNA specificity searching incorporating mismatch tolerance data
A system for generating transcription regulatory networks with combinatorial control of transcription
UniProtJAPI: a remote API for accessing UniProt data