On correcting the overestimation of the permutation-based false discovery rate estimator
OCTOPUS: improving topology prediction by two-track ANN-based preference scores and an extended topological grammar
Modeling promoter grammars with evolving hidden Markov models
Sequence-specific reconstruction from fragmentary databases using seed sequences: implementation and validation on SAGE, proteome and generic sequencing data
Predicting protein function from domain content
Knowledge-based gene expression classification via matrix factorization
Microarray-based classification and clinical predictors: on combined classifiers and additional predictive value
FIRMA: a method for detection of alternative splicing from exon array data
Modeling immune system control of atherogenesis
Ensemble non-negative matrix factorization methods for clustering protein–protein interactions
FindPeaks 3.1: a tool for identifying areas of enrichment from massively parallel short-read sequencing technology
DNAlive: a tool for the physical analysis of DNA at the genomic scale
ChemmineR: a compound mining framework for R
A correction for estimating error when using the Local Pooled Error Statistical Test
LOT: a tool for linkage analysis of ordinal traits for pedigree data
Optimal vaccination schedules using simulated annealing
MPIDB: the microbial protein interaction database