Enriched transcription factor binding sites in hypermethylated gene promoters in drug resistant cancer cells
A probe-density-based analysis method for array CGH data: simulation, normalization and centralization
Database indexing for production MegaBLAST searches
Efficient functional clustering of protein sequences using the Dirichlet process
Memory-efficient dynamic programming backtrace and pairwise local sequence alignment
Predicting sub-Golgi localization of type II membrane proteins
Predicting functional regulatory polymorphisms
Sequence analysis of GerM and SpoVS, uncharacterized bacterial ‘sporulation’ proteins with widespread phylogenetic distribution
Intrinsic disorder prediction from the analysis of multiple protein fold recognition models
Systematic biological prioritization after a genome-wide association study: an application to nicotine dependence
Biomarker selection and sample prediction for multi-category disease on MALDI-TOF data
MINS2: Revisiting the molecular code for transmembrane-helix recognition by the Sec61 translocon
ForSim: a tool for exploring the genetic architecture of complex traits with controlled truth
BioMAJ: a flexible framework for databanks synchronization and processing
ECCB 2008 Organization
Annotation of metagenome short reads using proxygenes
PhosphoPOINT: a comprehensive human kinase interactome and phospho-protein database
Organization and integration of biomedical knowledge with concept maps for key peroxisomal pathways
Functional coherence in domain interaction networks
An integrative approach for predicting interactions of protein regions
Non-parametric estimation of posterior error probabilities associated with peptides identified by tandem mass spectrometry
Towards de novo identification of metabolites by analyzing tandem mass spectra
An environmental perspective on large-scale genome clustering based on metabolic capabilities
Fusing time series expression data through hybrid aggregation and hierarchical merge
Gaussian process modelling of latent chemical species: applications to inferring transcription factor activities
SIRENE: supervised inference of regulatory networks
PhyloDetect: a likelihood-based strategy for detecting microorganisms with diagnostic microarrays
Clinically driven semi-supervised class discovery in gene expression data
Protein structure alignment considering phenotypic plasticity
Detection of 3D atomic similarities and their use in the discrimination of small molecule protein-binding sites
RNA structure alignment by a unit-vector approach
Comparison of vocabularies, representations and ranking algorithms for gene prioritization by text mining
Inter-species normalization of gene mentions with GNAT
Analysis of segmental duplications via duplication distance
A fast and flexible method for the segmentation of aCGH data
Poisson adjacency distributions in genome comparison: multichromosomal, circular, signed and unsigned cases
HapCUT: an efficient and accurate algorithm for the haplotype assembly problem
Efficient representation and P-value computation for high-order Markov motifs
Mining significant tree patterns in carbohydrate sugar chains
Optimal spliced alignments of short sequence reads
ChIPmix: mixture model of regressions for two-color ChIP–chip analysis
Segment-based multiple sequence alignment
Connect the dots: exposing hidden protein family connections from the entire sequence tree
Improved network-based identification of protein orthologs
Comprehensive in silico mutagenesis highlights functionally important residues in proteins
Automatic decomposition of kinetic models of signaling networks minimizing the retroactivity among modules
From minimal signed circuits to the dynamics of Boolean regulatory networks
Temporal logic patterns for querying dynamic models of cellular interaction networks
Logical modelling of the role of the Hh pathway in the patterning of the Drosophila wing disc
Gain and loss of phosphorylation sites in human cancer
Logical analysis of survival data: prognostic survival models by detecting high-degree interactions in right-censored data