A novel CHHC Zn-finger domain found in spliceosomal proteins and tRNA modifying enzymes
Fast and accurate search for non-coding RNA pseudoknot structures in genomes
MotifVoter: a novel ensemble method for fine-grained integration of generic motif finders
Markov model plus k-word distributions: a synergy that produces novel statistical measures for sequence comparison
Seeder: discriminative seeding DNA motif discovery
Improving position-specific predictions of protein functional sites using phylogenetic motifs
Empirical profile mixture models for phylogenetic reconstruction
Optimal contact map alignment of protein–protein interfaces
Accurate sequence-based prediction of catalytic residues
Optimal design of thermally stable proteins
An HMM approach to genome-wide identification of differential histone modification sites from ChIP-seq data
On the frequency of copy number variants
A semiparametric test to detect associations between quantitative traits and candidate genes in structured populations
Model-based analysis of interferon-β induced signaling pathway
Computational prediction of human proteins that can be secreted into the bloodstream
Local coherence in genetic interaction patterns reveals prevalent functional versatility
Novel pathway compendium analysis elucidates mechanism of pro-angiogenic synthetic small molecule
Rtreemix: an R package for estimating evolutionary pathways and genetic progression scores
Protein function prediction and annotation in an integrated environment powered by web services (AFAWE)
SeqMap: mapping massive amount of oligonucleotides to the genome
SNAP predicts effect of mutations on protein function
EPoS: a modular software framework for phylogenetic analysis
ProfDistS: (profile-) distance based phylogeny on sequence—structure alignments
StatAlign: an extendable software package for joint Bayesian estimation of alignments and evolutionary trees
siDRM: an effective and generally applicable online siRNA design tool
ExactFDR: exact computation of false discovery rate estimate in case-control association studies
dbNEI2.0: building multilayer network for drug–NEI–disease
MPSQ: a web tool for protein-state searching
spolTools: online utilities for analyzing spoligotypes of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
ITFP: an integrated platform of mammalian transcription factors
cneViewer: a database of conserved non-coding elements for studies of tissue-specific gene regulation
Comments on ‘On correcting the overestimation of the permutation-based false discovery rate estimator’