Genome annotation in the presence of insertional RNA editing
Phylogenetic distances are encoded in networks of interacting pathways
Gene set enrichment analysis using linear models and diagnostics
Bayesian learning of biological pathways on genomic data assimilation
Functional modules integrating essential cellular functions are predictive of the response of leukaemia cells to DNA damage
Physical protein–protein interactions predicted from microarrays
Can sugars be produced from fatty acids? A test case for pathway analysis tools
MPI-LIT: a literature-curated dataset of microbial binary protein--protein interactions
GOSLING: a rule-based protein annotator using BLAST and GO
Profile Comparer: a program for scoring and aligning profile hidden Markov models
TESE: generating specific protein structure test set ensembles
DOCKGROUND protein–protein docking decoy set
FunNet: an integrative tool for exploring transcriptional interactions
tCal: transcriptional probability calculator using thermodynamic model
MS-BID: a Java package for label-free LC-MS-based comparative proteomic analysis
GenMiner: mining non-redundant association rules from integrated gene expression data and annotations
MonkeySNP: a web portal for non-human primate single nucleotide polymorphisms
A toolkit for capturing and sharing FuGE experiments
Estimating large-scale signaling networks through nested effect models with intervention effects from microarray data
RNAplex: a fast tool for RNA–RNA interaction search