Smarter clustering methods for SNP genotype calling
Artemis and ACT: viewing, annotating and comparing sequences stored in a relational database
Specific alignment of structured RNA: stochastic grammars and sequence annealing
Position-dependent motif characterization using non-negative matrix factorization
Protease substrate site predictors derived from machine learning on multilevel substrate phage display data
A novel method for comparing topological models of protein structures enhanced with ligand information
Improving 2D-DIGE protein expression analysis by two-stage linear mixed models: assessing experimental effects in a melanoma cell study
Inferring population history with DIY ABC: a user-friendly approach to approximate Bayesian computation
A better block partition and ligation strategy for individual haplotyping
MeltDB: a software platform for the analysis and integration of metabolomics experiment data
Optimal stepwise experimental design for pairwise functional interaction studies
Systems-level modeling of cellular glycosylation reaction networks: O-linked glycan formation on natural selectin ligands
Stochastic dynamics of genetic networks: modelling and parameter identification
Impact of dimeric organization of enzyme on its function: the case of photosynthetic water splitting
A bioinformatics analysis of the cell line nomenclature
The Protein Feature Ontology: a tool for the unification of protein feature annotations
CNVDetector: locating copy number variations using array CGH data
Efficient mapping of Applied Biosystems SOLiD sequence data to a reference genome for functional genomic applications
POPE—a tool to aid high-throughput phylogenetic analysis
Searching protein structure databases with DaliLite v.3
MSX-3D: a tool to validate 3D protein models using mass spectrometry
GSEA-SNP: applying gene set enrichment analysis to SNP data from genome-wide association studies
A flexible forward simulator for populations subject to selection and demography
QGene 4.0, an extensible Java QTL-analysis platform
FABSIM: a software for generating FST distributions with various ascertainment biases
Identifying differentially expressed subnetworks with MMG
WAVECLOCK: wavelet analysis of circadian oscillation
mspire: mass spectrometry proteomics in Ruby
GEOmetadb: powerful alternative search engine for the Gene Expression Omnibus
IPEP: an in silico tool to examine proteolytic peptides for mass spectrometry
The Burkholderia Genome Database: facilitating flexible queries and comparative analyses
Addendum. Cytoprophet: a Cytoscape plug-in for protein and domain interaction networks inference