KEPE—a motif frequently superimposed on sumoylation sites in metazoan chromatin proteins and transcription factors
Slider—maximum use of probability information for alignment of short sequence reads and SNP detection
Discovery of phosphorylation motif mixtures in phosphoproteomics data
Predicting DNA recognition by Cys2His2 zinc finger proteins
Prediction of DNA-binding residues in proteins from amino acid sequences using a random forest model with a hybrid feature
Model-based analysis of non-specific binding for background correction of high-density oligonucleotide microarrays
Shortest path analysis using partial correlations for classifying gene functions from gene expression data
Power enhancement via multivariate outlier testing with gene expression arrays
The wisdom of the commons: ensemble tree classifiers for prostate cancer prognosis
Conditional random pattern algorithm for LOH inference and segmentation
How frugal is mother nature with haplotypes?
A novel signaling pathway impact analysis
Pan-specific MHC class I predictors: a benchmark of HLA class I pan-specific prediction methods
Decomposition of complex microbial behaviors into resource-based stress responses
Align human interactome with phenome to identify causative genes and networks underlying disease families
Combining multiple positive training sets to generate confidence scores for protein–protein interactions
Genetic algorithms for simultaneous variable and sample selection in metabonomics
DNAPlotter: circular and linear interactive genome visualization
RANKPROP: a web server for protein remote homology detection
Prediction of translation initiation site for microbial genomes with TriTISA
TOPALi v2: a rich graphical interface for evolutionary analyses of multiple alignments on HPC clusters and multi-core desktops
Selection of oligonucleotides for whole-genome microarrays with semi-automatic update
CleaveLand: a pipeline for using degradome data to find cleaved small RNA targets
A multivariate test of association
Genetic association analysis with FAMHAP: a major program update
Integrating and annotating the interactome using the MiMI plugin for cytoscape
MINOMICS: visualizing prokaryote transcriptomics and proteomics data in a genomic context
CRONOS: the cross-reference navigation server
ISMB 2008 conference report
Comment on ‘A congruence index for testing topological similarity between trees’
In response to comment on ‘A congruence index for testing topological similarity between trees’