Biodiversity informatics: automated approaches for documenting global biodiversity patterns and processes
Computational analysis of microRNA profiles and their target genes suggests significant involvement in breast cancer antiestrogen resistance
PASTAA: identifying transcription factors associated with sets of co-regulated genes
Masking residues using context-specific evolutionary conservation significantly improves short linear motif discovery
Properties and identification of human protein drug targets
Profiling model T-cell metagenomes with short reads
Prediction of RNA secondary structure using generalized centroid estimators
NOEnet–Use of NOE networks for NMR resonance assignment of proteins with known 3D structure
FastMap: Fast eQTL mapping in homozygous populations
Module networks revisited: computational assessment and prioritization of model predictions
ATOM: a powerful gene-based association test by combining optimally weighted markers
SNPHarvester: a filtering-based approach for detecting epistatic interactions in genome-wide association studies
Probabilistic assignment of formulas to mass peaks in metabolomics experiments
A divide-and-conquer approach to analyze underdetermined biochemical models
Differential dependency network analysis to identify condition-specific topological changes in biological networks
AnnotationSketch: a genome annotation drawing library
SCARF: maximizing next-generation EST assemblies for evolutionary and population genomic analyses
PuMA: Bayesian analysis of partitioned (and unpartitioned) model adequacy
DichroCalc—circular and linear dichroism online
SAFEGUI: resampling-based tests of categorical significance in gene expression data made easy
BioCichlid: central dogma-based 3D visualization system of time-course microarray data on a hierarchical biological network
Non-negative matrix factorization of gene expression profiles: a plug-in for BRB-ArrayTools
The Flannotator—a gene and protein expression annotation tool for Drosophila melanogaster
MOTIFATOR: detection and characterization of regulatory motifs using prokaryote transcriptome data
Correcting for ascertainment bias in the inference of population structure
bioDBnet: the biological database network
A novel method for large tree visualization