A new cis-acting regulatory element driving gene expression in the zebrafish pineal gland
Host–parasite relations of bacteria and phages can be unveiled by Oligostickiness, a measure of relaxed sequence similarity
Detecting gene clusters under evolutionary constraint in a large number of genomes
Variable locus length in the human genome leads to ascertainment bias in functional inference for non-coding elements
Sequence-based prediction of protein interaction sites with an integrative method
A hierarchical model for incomplete alignments in phylogenetic inference
Gclust: trans-kingdom classification of proteins using automatic individual threshold setting
Principal component analysis of native ensembles of biomolecular structures (PCA_NEST): insights into functional dynamics
The protein–small-molecule database, a non-redundant structural resource for the analysis of protein-ligand binding
Fragment-based identification of druggable ‘hot spots’ of proteins using Fourier domain correlation techniques
DTA: dihedral transition analysis for characterization of the effects of large main-chain dihedral changes in proteins
A novel meta-analysis method exploiting consistency of high-throughput experiments
Biomarker discovery in MALDI-TOF serum protein profiles using discrete wavelet transformation
Serial dilution curve: a new method for analysis of reverse phase protein array data
SNPnexus: a web database for functional annotation of newly discovered and public domain single nucleotide polymorphisms
AssociationViewer: a scalable and integrated software tool for visualization of large-scale variation data in genomic context
IslandViewer: an integrated interface for computational identification and visualization of genomic islands
Disperse—a software system for design of selector probes for exon resequencing applications
Multiperm: shuffling multiple sequence alignments while approximately preserving dinucleotide frequencies
FrameDP: sensitive peptide detection on noisy matured sequences
Radié: visualizing taxon properties and parsimonious mappings using a radial phylogenetic tree
SECISaln, a web-based tool for the creation of structure-based alignments of eukaryotic SECIS elements
CPSP-web-tools: a server for 3D lattice protein studies
RNAither, an automated pipeline for the statistical analysis of high-throughput RNAi screens
QMSim: a large-scale genome simulator for livestock
Prequips—an extensible software platform for integration, visualization and analysis of LC-MS/MS proteomics data
KEA: kinase enrichment analysis
PROMOT: modular modeling for systems biology
MatrixDB, a database focused on extracellular protein–protein and protein–carbohydrate interactions
DSSTox chemical-index files for exposure-related experiments in ArrayExpress and Gene Expression Omnibus: enabling toxico-chemogenomics data linkages
VANO: a volume-object image annotation system
Erratum: sample size determination for the false discovery rate