Papers on normalization, variable selection, classification or clustering of microarray data
MSMAD: a computationally efficient method for the analysis of noisy array CGH data
Genome-wide association analysis by lasso penalized logistic regression
A flexible rank-based framework for detecting copy number aberrations from array data
SIMPRO: simple protein homology detection method by using indirect signals
RAMI: a tool for identification and characterization of phylogenetic clusters in microbial communities
‘Double water exclusion’: a hypothesis refining the O-ring theory for the hot spots at protein interfaces
Statistical methods of background correction for Illumina BeadArray data
Retention time alignment algorithms for LC/MS data must consider non-linear shifts
Testing significance relative to a fold-change threshold is a TREAT
Gene network reconstruction from transcriptional dynamics under kinetic model uncertainty: a case for the second derivative
Benchmarks for identification of ordinary differential equations from time series data
Automated procedure for candidate compound selection in GC-MS metabolomics based on prediction of Kovats retention index
Exploring phenotype-associated modules in an oral cavity tumor using an integrated framework
Benchmarking regulatory network reconstruction with GRENDEL
A novel comprehensive wave-form MS data processing method
High-performance gene name normalization with GENO
Fast computation of neighbor seeds
NOBLAST and JAMBLAST: New Options for BLAST and a Java Application Manager for BLAST results
Parallelized prediction error estimation for evaluation of high-dimensional models
The DICS repository: module-assisted analysis of disease-related gene lists
CORNA: testing gene lists for regulation by microRNAs
Systems biology metabolic modeling assistant: an ontology-based tool for the integration of metabolic data in kinetic modeling
BISEN: Biochemical Simulation Environment
SciMiner: web-based literature mining tool for target identification and functional enrichment analysis