A neural network model for constructing endophenotypes of common complex diseases : an application to male young-onset hypertension microarray data
microPred : effective classification of pre-miRNAs for human miRNA gene prediction
Predicting helix–helix interactions from residue contacts in membrane proteins
MS-specific noise model reveals the potential of iTRAQ in quantitative proteomics
Predicting the binding preference of transcription factors to individual DNA k-mers
A flexible two-stage procedure for identifying gene sets that are differentially expressed
Statistical inferences for isoform expression in RNA-Seq
Bayesian robust analysis for genetic architecture of quantitative traits
Stochastic modelling of genotypic drug-resistance for human immunodeficiency virus towards long-term combination therapy optimization
An integrative scoring system for ranking SNPs by their potential deleterious effects
Array-based genotyping in S.cerevisiae using semi-supervised clustering
Human microRNAs co-silence in well-separated groups and have different predicted essentialities
Graphical methods for quantifying macromolecules through bright field imaging
Supervised feature selection in mass spectrometry-based proteomic profiling by blockwise boosting
Ultrasome : efficient aberration caller for copy number studies of ultra-high resolution
RNATOPS-W : a web server for RNA structure searches of genomes
PSIBLAST_PairwiseStatSig : reordering PSI-BLAST hits using pairwise statistical significance
mkESA : enhanced suffix array construction tool
iMembrane : homology-based membrane-insertion of proteins
gcExplorer : interactive exploration of gene clusters
ClueGO : a Cytoscape plug-in to decipher functionally grouped gene ontology and pathway annotation networks
PAnnBuilder : an R package for assembling proteomic annotation data
INTEGRALL : a database and search engine for integrons, integrases and gene cassettes