Transcriptionally active gene fragments derived from potentially fast-evolving donor genes in the rice genome
A concanavalin A-like lectin domain in the CHS1/LYST protein, shared by members of the BEACH family
Joint estimation of copy number variation and reference intensities on multiple DNA arrays using GADA
Visualization of genomic data with the Hilbert curve
Local RNA structure alignment with incomplete sequence
Statistical model for whole genome sequencing and its application to minimally invasive diagnosis of fetal genetic disease
Site of metabolism prediction for six biotransformations mediated by cytochromes P450
Structure similarity measure with penalty for close non-equivalent residues
Using multi-data hidden Markov models trained on local neighborhoods of protein structure to predict residue–residue contacts
Artefacts and biases affecting the evaluation of scoring functions on decoy sets for protein structure prediction
Switching regulatory models of cellular stress response
A method and program for estimating graphical models for linkage disequilibrium that scale linearly with the number of loci, and their application to gene drop simulation
The PickPocket method for predicting binding specificities for receptors based on receptor pocket similarities
Gaussian process regression bootstrapping
Aneuploidy prediction and tumor classification with heterogeneous hidden conditional random fields
Evaluation of genome-wide association study results through development of ontology fingerprints
TEclass—a tool for automated classification of unknown eukaryotic transposable elements
Infernal 1.0
Identification of ribosomal RNA genes in metagenomic fragments
Automated diagnosis of LC-MS/MS performance