Textual data compression in computational biology : a synopsis
Pairagon : a highly accurate, HMM-based cDNA-to-genome aligner
Approximate Bayesian feature selection on a large meta-dataset offers novel insights on factors that effect siRNA potency
Augmented training of hidden Markov models to recognize remote homologs via simulated evolution
A practical algorithm for finding maximal exact matches in large sequence datasets using sparse suffix arrays
Affinity Density : a novel genomic approach to the identification of transcription factor regulatory targets
Flexible structural protein alignment by a sequence of local transformations
Domain Interaction Footprint : a multi-classification approach to predict domain–peptide interactions
Optimizing static thermodynamic models of transcriptional regulation
A tool for identification of genes expressed in patterns of interest using the Allen Brain Atlas
Ratio adjustment and calibration scheme for gene-wise normalization to enhance microarray inter-study prediction
Evaluating reproducibility of differential expression discoveries in microarray studies by considering correlated molecular changes
A Bayesian segmentation approach to ascertain copy number variations at the population level
Systematic analysis of synchronized oscillatory neuronal networks reveals an enrichment for coupled direct and indirect feedback motifs
List-decoding methods for inferring polynomials in finite dynamical gene network models
A global meta-analysis of microarray expression data to predict unknown gene functions and estimate the literature-data divide
Genetic modification of flux for flux prediction of mutants
FlexServ : an integrated tool for the analysis of protein flexibility
penalizedSVM : a R-package for feature selection SVM classification