A single-array preprocessing method for estimating full-resolution raw copy numbers from all Affymetrix genotyping arrays including GenomeWideSNP 5 & 6
SHREC : a short-read error correction method
A pipeline for the quantitative analysis of CG dinucleotide methylation using mass spectrometry
Comments on sequence normalization of tiling array expression
Automated protein (re)sequencing with MS/MS and a homologous database yields almost full coverage and accuracy
Reliable prediction of protein thermostability change upon double mutation from amino acid sequence
GR-Aligner : an algorithm for aligning pairwise genomic sequences containing rearrangement events
Swift : primary data analysis for the Illumina Solexa sequencing platform
SOLpro : accurate sequence-based prediction of protein solubility
Inferring progression models for CGH data
Error control variability in pathway-based microarray analysis
Prestige centrality-based functional outlier detection in gene expression analysis
Reconstructing signaling pathways from RNAi data using probabilistic Boolean threshold networks
Reconstruct modular phenotype-specific gene networks by knowledge-driven matrix factorization
A CitationRank algorithm inheriting Google technology designed to highlight genes responsible for serious adverse drug reaction
A survey of across-target bioactivity results of small molecules in PubChem
A genetic programming approach for Burkholderia Pseudomallei diagnostic pattern discovery
Biophysical annotation and representation of CellML models
IMG ER : a system for microbial genome annotation expert review and curation
A fast hybrid short read fragment assembly algorithm
FancyGene : dynamic visualization of gene structures and protein domain architectures on genomic loci
VarScan : variant detection in massively parallel sequencing of individual and pooled samples
PhyloBayes 3 : a Bayesian software package for phylogenetic reconstruction and molecular dating
Efficient stochastic simulation of reaction–diffusion processes via direct compilation
libAnnotationSBML : a library for exploiting SBML annotations