Lost in translation : an assessment and perspective for computational microRNA target identification
Identifiability of isoform deconvolution from junction arrays and RNA-Seq
Quantitative measurement of aging using image texture entropy
Genome analysis with inter-nucleotide distances
HHsvm : fast and accurate classification of profile–profile matches identified by HHsearch
Detection of new protein domains using co-occurrence : application to Plasmodium falciparum
Adaptive multi-agent architecture for functional sequence motifs recognition
Reproducing the manual annotation of multiple sequence alignments using a SVM classifier
LIBRUS : combined machine learning and homology information for sequence-based ligand-binding residue prediction
The interwinding nature of protein–protein interfaces and its implication for protein complex formation
Bayesian detection of non-sinusoidal periodic patterns in circadian expression data
Integration of heterogeneous expression data sets extends the role of the retinol pathway in diabetes and insulin resistance
Qupe—a Rich Internet Application to take a step forward in the analysis of mass spectrometry-based quantitative proteomics experiments
Automatic assignment of reaction operators to enzymatic reactions
How and when should interactome-derived clusters be used to predict functional modules and protein function?
Combining tissue transcriptomics and urine metabolomics for breast cancer biomarker identification
Computing the shortest elementary flux modes in genome-scale metabolic networks
Functionally guided alignment of protein interaction networks for module detection
Automatically classifying sentences in full-text biomedical articles into Introduction, Methods, Results and Discussion
MOODS : fast search for position weight matrix matches in DNA sequences
PoreLogo : a new tool to analyse, visualize and compare channels in transmembrane proteins
EASYMIFS and SITEHOUND : a toolkit for the identification of ligand-binding sites in protein structures
VDNA : The virtual DNA plug-in for VMD
Processing and population genetic analysis of multigenic datasets with ProSeq3 software
W-ChIPMotifs : a web application tool for de novo motif discovery from ChIP-based high-throughput data
Client-side integration of life science literature resources
SimCT : a generic tool to visualize ontology-based relationships for biological objects
ncRNAppi—a tool for identifying disease-related miRNA and siRNA targeting pathways
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