Seed-based INTARNA prediction combined with GFP-reporter system identifies mRNA targets of the small RNA Yfr1
Accurate confidence aware clustering of array CGH tumor profiles
Identification of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma prognosis signatures using the CTGDR method
Annotation confidence score for genome annotation : a genome comparison approach
Predictive rule inference for epistatic interaction detection in genome-wide association studies
The GNUMAP algorithm : unbiased probabilistic mapping of oligonucleotides from next-generation sequencing
Roll: a new algorithm for the detection of protein pockets and cavities with a rolling probe sphere
Automatic clustering of docking poses in virtual screening process using self-organizing map
Modeling the interplay of single-stranded binding proteins and nucleic acid secondary structure
Reporting bias when using real data sets to analyze classification performance
Computational protein profile similarity screening for quantitative mass spectrometry experiments
ARH: predicting splice variants from genome-wide data with modified entropy
Identification of microRNA activity by Targets' Reverse EXpression
Methods for combining peptide intensities to estimate relative protein abundance
Simulation-based model selection for dynamical systems in systems and population biology
Evaluation of linguistic features useful in extraction of interactions from PubMed; Application to annotating known, high-throughput and predicted interactions in I2D
Targeted interrogation of copy number variation using SCIMMkit
MicroRazerS : rapid alignment of small RNA reads
NGSView : an extensible open source editor for next-generation sequencing data
inGAP : an integrated next-generation genome analysis pipeline
Ancestors 1.0 : a web server for ancestral sequence reconstruction
MATICCE : mapping transitions in continuous character evolution
The gputools package enables GPU computing in R
DEGseq : an R package for identifying differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data
edgeR : a Bioconductor package for differential expression analysis of digital gene expression data
SimBoolNet—a Cytoscape plugin for dynamic simulation of signaling networks
GATE : software for the analysis and visualization of high-dimensional time series expression data
Phenopedia and Genopedia : disease-centered and gene-centered views of the evolving knowledge of human genetic associations
GeneE : Gene and protein query expansion with disambiguation