Fast and accurate long-read alignment with Burrows–Wheeler transform
Improving protein secondary structure prediction using a simple k-mer model
Exploring classification strategies with the CoEPrA 2006 contest
RNAsnoop : efficient target prediction for H/ACA snoRNAs
Active site prediction using evolutionary and structural information
Protein secondary structure appears to be robust under in silico evolution while protein disorder appears not to be
Faster computation of exact RNA shape probabilities
A censored beta mixture model for the estimation of the proportion of non-differentially expressed genes
Random distance dependent attachment as a model for neural network generation in the Caenorhabditis elegans
Computational quantification of metabolic fluxes from a single isotope snapshot : application to an animal biopsy
Disambiguating the species of biomedical named entities using natural language parsers
Bayesian rule learning for biomedical data mining
BamView : viewing mapped read alignment data in the context of the reference sequence
rMAT - an R/Bioconductor package for analyzing ChIP-chip experiments
CD-HIT Suite : a web server for clustering and comparing biological sequences
Next-generation bioinformatics : using many-core processor architecture to develop a web service for sequence alignment
PSiFR : an integrated resource for prediction of protein structure and function
PyRosetta : a script-based interface for implementing molecular modeling algorithms using Rosetta
iDBPs : a web server for the identification of DNA binding proteins
Multifactor dimensionality reduction for graphics processing units enables genome-wide testing of epistasis in sporadic ALS
NEMO : a tool for analyzing gene and chromosome territory distributions from 3D-FISH experiments
MSMSpdbb : providing protein databases of closely related organisms to improve proteomic characterization of prokaryotic microbes
dbTEU : a protein database of trace element utilization
Xper2 : introducing e-taxonomy
ProteinWorldDB : querying radical pairwise alignments among protein sets from complete genomes