Small RNAs in angiosperms : sequence characteristics, distribution and generation
CNAnova : a new approach for finding recurrent copy number abnormalities in cancer SNP microarray data
A computational analysis of the antigenic properties of haemagglutinin in influenza A H3N2
HIV classification using the coalescent theory
Multilevel support vector regression analysis to identify condition-specific regulatory networks
A hidden Markov support vector machine framework incorporating profile geometry learning for identifying microbial RNA in tiling array data
Novel statistical framework to identify differentially expressed genes allowing transcriptomic background differences
Inferring combined CNV/SNP haplotypes from genotype data
Multi-objective tag SNPs selection using evolutionary algorithms
Identifying duplicate content using statistically improbable phrases
The Genomedata format for storing large-scale functional genomics data
DistanceScan : a tool for promoter modeling
Picante : R tools for integrating phylogenies and ecology
ParaSAM : a parallelized version of the significance analysis of microarrays algorithm
FastEpistasis : a high performance computing solution for quantitative trait epistasis
Arcadia : a visualization tool for metabolic pathways