Discover regulatory DNA elements using chromatin signatures and artificial neural network
Pathgroups, a dynamic data structure for genome reconstruction problems
Classification of DNA sequences using Bloom filters
Machine learning based prediction for peptide drift times in ion mobility spectrometry
PSORTb 3.0
Prediction of protein–RNA binding sites by a random forest method with combined features
Learning combinatorial transcriptional dynamics from gene expression data
Automated analysis of protein subcellular location in time series images
Polynomial algebra of discrete models in systems biology
Inferring the human microRNA functional similarity and functional network based on microRNA-associated diseases
Semantic integration of data on transcriptional regulation
Interactive software tool to comprehend the calculation of optimal sequence alignments with dynamic programming
Predicting post-translational lysine acetylation using support vector machines
The Newick utilities
Modeling RNA loops using sequence homology and geometric constraints
A support vector machine model for the prediction of proteotypic peptides for accurate mass and time proteomics