Homology of SMP domains to the TULIP superfamily of lipid-binding proteins provides a structural basis for lipid exchange between ER and mitochondria
Rapid match-searching for gene silencing assessment
Ontogenomic study of the relationship between number of gene splice variants and GO categorization
A probabilistic framework for aligning paired-end RNA-seq data
A highly accurate statistical approach for the prediction of transmembrane β-barrels
Structure-based kernels for the prediction of catalytic residues and their involvement in human inherited disease
Single feature polymorphism detection using recombinant inbred line microarray expression data
Over-optimism in bioinformatics
A Bayesian approach using covariance of single nucleotide polymorphism data to detect differences in linkage disequilibrium patterns between groups of individuals
A Poisson model for random multigraphs
Molecular signatures-based prediction of enzyme promiscuity
Causal relationship inference for a large-scale cellular network
Deciphering subcellular processes in live imaging datasets via dynamic probabilistic networks
Modeling and analyzing complex biological networks incooperating experimental information on both network topology and stable states
Uniformly curated signaling pathways reveal tissue-specific cross-talks and support drug target discovery
A new method for designing degenerate primers and its use in the identification of sequences in Brachiaria showing similarity to apomixis-associated genes
ExpressionView—an interactive viewer for modules identified in gene expression data
EpiTOP—a proteochemometric tool for MHC class II binding prediction
Deriving the consequences of genomic variants with the Ensembl API and SNP Effect Predictor