A comparison of several algorithms for the single individual SNP haplotyping reconstruction problem
Analyzing taxonomic classification using extensible Markov models
A dynamic wavelet-based algorithm for pre-processing tandem mass spectrometry data
Fast overlapping of protein contact maps by alignment of eigenvectors
Exposing the co-adaptive potential of protein–protein interfaces through computational sequence design
Towards optimal alignment of protein structure distance matrices
Multiple gene expression profile alignment for microarray time-series data clustering
Computational analysis of tissue-specific gene networks
On reverse engineering of gene interaction networks using time course data with repeated measurements
Integrative classification and analysis of multiple arrayCGH datasets with probe alignment
Interactive and fuzzy search
Editing, validating and translating of SBGN maps
Cytoscape Web
A fast and robust statistical test based on likelihood ratio with Bartlett correction to identify Granger causality between gene sets
ISA software suite
Ontology for medicinal materials based on traditional Korean medicine
ECCB 2010 Organization
Yves Moreau and Jaap Heringa, on behalf of the ECCB10 organizing and steering committees
A fast algorithm for exact sequence search in biological sequences using polyphase decomposition
Characteristics of 454 pyrosequencing data—enabling realistic simulation with flowsim
Classification of ncRNAs using position and size information in deep sequencing data
Integrating genome assemblies with MAIA
Maximum likelihood estimation of locus-specific mutation rates in Y-chromosome short tandem repeats
Parsimony and likelihood reconstruction of human segmental duplications
Discriminatory power of RNA family models
Solenoid and non-solenoid protein recognition using stationary wavelet packet transform
Vorescore—fold recognition improved by rescoring of protein structure models
A predictor for toxin-like proteins exposes cell modulator candidates within viral genomes
Improved sequence-based prediction of disordered regions with multilayer fusion of multiple information sources
Prototypes of elementary functional loops unravel evolutionary connections between protein functions
A varying threshold method for ChIP peak-calling using multiple sources of information
De-correlating expression in gene-set analysis
Discovering graphical Granger causality using the truncating lasso penalty
Nonlinear dimension reduction and clustering by Minimum Curvilinearity unfold neuropathic pain and tissue embryological classes
Discovering drug–drug interactions
Discriminative and informative features for biomolecular text mining with ensemble feature selection
Improving disease gene prioritization using the semantic similarity of Gene Ontology terms
Utopia documents
A graphical method for reducing and relating models in systems biology
A novel approach for determining environment-specific protein costs
Bayesian experts in exploring reaction kinetics of transcription circuits
Dynamic deterministic effects propagation networks
Efficient parameter search for qualitative models of regulatory networks using symbolic model checking
How threshold behaviour affects the use of subgraphs for network comparison
Candidate gene prioritization based on spatially mapped gene expression
Inferring cancer subnetwork markers using density-constrained biclustering
Modeling associations between genetic markers using Bayesian networks
Prediction of a gene regulatory network linked to prostate cancer from gene expression, microRNA and clinical data
Semi-supervised multi-task learning for predicting interactions between HIV-1 and human proteins
Detecting host factors involved in virus infection by observing the clustering of infected cells in siRNA screening images
Mass spectrometry data processing using zero-crossing lines in multi-scale of Gaussian derivative wavelet
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