A classification model for G-to-A hypermutation in hepatitis B virus ultra-deep pyrosequencing reads
Statistical distribution of amino acid sequences : a proof of Darwinian evolution
High-throughput prediction of protein antigenicity using protein microarray data
Network-based comparison of temporal gene expression patterns
ALCHEMY : a reliable method for automated SNP genotype calling for small batch sizes and highly homozygous populations
Interrogating local population structure for fine mapping in genome-wide association studies
Pathway Activity Profiling (PAPi) : from the metabolite profile to the metabolic pathway activity
SmashCommunity : a metagenomic annotation and analysis tool
SmashCell : a software framework for the analysis of single-cell amplified genome sequences
PyETV : a PyMOL evolutionary trace viewer to analyze functional site predictions in protein complexes
Pre-calculated protein structure alignments at the RCSB PDB website
FILTREST3D : discrimination of structural models using restraints from experimental data
The SMARTCyp cytochrome P450 metabolism prediction server
R/qtl : high-throughput multiple QTL mapping
SPLATCHE2 : a spatially explicit simulation framework for complex demography, genetic admixture and recombination
OmicsAnalyzer : a Cytoscape plug-in suite for modeling omics data
CellPublisher : a web platform for the intuitive visualization and sharing of metabolic, signalling and regulatory pathways
Chembench : a cheminformatics workbench
Target-align : a tool for plant microRNA target identification
GPCRRD : G protein-coupled receptor spatial restraint database for 3D structure modeling and function annotation