eCEO : an efficient Cloud Epistasis cOmputing model in genome-wide association study
Performance assessment of copy number microarray platforms using a spike-in experiment
Topological entropy of DNA sequences
Sensitive gene fusion detection using ambiguously mapping RNA-Seq read pairs
Topology and prediction of RNA pseudoknots
All-atom knowledge-based potential for RNA structure prediction and assessment
Defining an informativeness metric for clustering gene expression data
Automatically identifying and annotating mouse embryo gene expression patterns
Automated workflows for accurate mass-based putative metabolite identification in LC/MS-derived metabolomic datasets
The effects of feedback loops on disease comorbidity in human signaling networks
Interactive, multiscale navigation of large and complicated biological networks
Assigning spectrum-specific P-values to protein identifications by mass spectrometry
Connectedness of PPI network neighborhoods identifies regulatory hub proteins
Condensing biomedical journal texts through paragraph ranking
eGOB : eukaryotic Gene Order Browser
ACT : aggregation and correlation toolbox for analyses of genome tracks
Human variation database : an open-source database template for genomic discovery
Improving SNP discovery by base alignment quality
R453Plus1Toolbox : an R/Bioconductor package for analyzing Roche 454 Sequencing data
ProtTest 3 : fast selection of best-fit models of protein evolution
libfbi : a C++ implementation for fast box intersection and application to sparse mass spectrometry data
SurvJamda : an R package to predict patients' survival and risk assessment using joint analysis of microarray gene expression data
STOCHSIMGPU : parallel stochastic simulation for the Systems Biology Toolbox 2 for MATLAB
SiGN-SSM : open source parallel software for estimating gene networks with state space models
BiC : a web server for calculating bimodality of coexpression between gene and protein networks
A high-throughput processing service for retention time alignment of complex proteomics and metabolomics LC-MS data
Improved structure, function and compatibility for CellProfiler : modular high-throughput image analysis software
FNV : light-weight flash-based network and pathway viewer
Proteomics to go : Proteomatic enables the user-friendly creation of versatile MS/MS data evaluation workflows
AGRA : analysis of gene ranking algorithms
Gene List significance at-a-glance with GeneValorization
A comprehensive protein-centric ID mapping service for molecular data integration
MPID-T2 : a database for sequence–structure–function analyses of pMHC and TR/pMHC structures
Comments on ‘Bayesian variable selection for disease classification using gene expression data’