cSSMD : assessing collective activity for addressing off-target effects in genome-scale RNA interference screens
Identifying associations between amino acid changes and meta information in alignments
Comparative analysis of algorithms for next-generation sequencing read alignment
PTPan—overcoming memory limitations in oligonucleotide string matching for primer/probe design
SiTaR : a novel tool for transcription factor binding site prediction
SCLpred : protein subcellular localization prediction by N-to-1 neural networks
Spatial clustering of protein binding sites for template based protein docking
Feature-based 3D motif filtering for ribosomal RNA
PepCrawler : a fast RRT-based algorithm for high-resolution refinement and binding affinity estimation of peptide inhibitors
iMod : multipurpose normal mode analysis in internal coordinates
Conserved and differential gene interactions in dynamical biological systems
The use of semiparametric mixed models to analyze PamChip® peptide array data : an application to an oncology experiment
Improved quality control processing of peptide-centric LC-MS proteomics data
Reconstructing transcription factor activities in hierarchical transcription network motifs
Integration of SNP genotyping confidence scores in IBD inference
Robustness portraits of diverse biological networks conserved despite order-of-magnitude parameter uncertainty
Simultaneous recognition and segmentation of cells : application in C.elegans
ChimeraScan : a tool for identifying chimeric transcription in sequencing data
Absynte : a web tool to analyze the evolution of orthologous archaeal and bacterial gene clusters
Extending KNIME for next-generation sequencing data analysis
SPREAD : spatial phylogenetic reconstruction of evolutionary dynamics
Fast and accurate prediction of protein side-chain conformations
COCOMAPS : a web application to analyze and visualize contacts at the interface of biomolecular complexes
Integrated pathway-level analysis of transcriptomics and metabolomics data with IMPaLA
Detecting biological network organization and functional gene orthologs
SDRS—an algorithm for analyzing large-scale dose–response data
AluHunter : a database of potentially polymorphic Alu insertions for use in primate phylogeny and population genetics