TIP : A probabilistic method for identifying transcription factor target genes from ChIP-seq binding profiles
SVseq : an approach for detecting exact breakpoints of deletions with low-coverage sequence data
Sequential Monte Carlo multiple testing
Sparse distance-based learning for simultaneous multiclass classification and feature selection of metagenomic data
FASTSP : linear time calculation of alignment accuracy
Fast scaffolding with small independent mixed integer programs
Pico-inplace-inversions between human and chimpanzee
MDpocket : open-source cavity detection and characterization on molecular dynamics trajectories
Protein stability : a single recorded mutation aids in predicting the effects of other mutations in the same amino acid site
Computational network analysis of the anatomical and genetic organizations in the mouse brain
Gathering insights on disease etiology from gene expression profiles of healthy tissues
Extraction of data deposition statements from the literature : a method for automatically tracking research results
CAMBerVis : visualization software to support comparative analysis of multiple bacterial strains
Automatic generation of protein structure cartoons with Pro-origami
ProfileChaser : searching microarray repositories based on genome-wide patterns of differential expression
FlyExpress : visual mining of spatiotemporal patterns for genes and publications in Drosophila embryogenesis
MyBioNet : interactively visualize, edit and merge biological networks on the Web
The Infobiotics Workbench : an integrated in silico modelling platform for Systems and Synthetic Biology
PRINCIPLE : a tool for associating genes with diseases via network propagation
BioTextQuest : a web-based biomedical text mining suite for concept discovery
miREnvironment Database : providing a bridge for microRNAs, environmental factors and phenotypes