FSR : feature set reduction for scalable and accurate multi-class cancer subtype classification based on copy number
Using Sybil for interactive comparative genomics of microbes on the web
Feature-based classifiers for somatic mutation detection in tumour–normal paired sequencing data
Inferring sequence regions under functional divergence in duplicate genes
PSICOV : precise structural contact prediction using sparse inverse covariance estimation on large multiple sequence alignments
Fast computation of minimum hybridization networks
MetalionRNA : computational predictor of metal-binding sites in RNA structures
Discovering transcription factor regulatory targets using gene expression and binding data
Identification of context-specific gene regulatory networks with GEMULA—gene expression modeling using LAsso
Modelling time course gene expression data with finite mixtures of linear additive models
Identifying quantitative trait loci via group-sparse multitask regression and feature selection : an imaging genetics study of the ADNI cohort
Wavelet-based image fusion in multi-view three-dimensional microscopy
Data-driven information retrieval in heterogeneous collections of transcriptomics data links SIM2s to malignant pleural mesothelioma
Which species is it? Species-driven gene name disambiguation using random walks over a mixture of adjacency matrices
A novel specific edge effect correction method for RNA interference screenings
Novel search method for the discovery of functional relationships
TREAT : a bioinformatics tool for variant annotations and visualizations in targeted and exome sequencing data
BadiRate : estimating family turnover rates by likelihood-based methods
GenomicTools : a computational platform for developing high-throughput analytics in genomics
NARWHAL, a primary analysis pipeline for NGS data
FTSite : high accuracy detection of ligand binding sites on unbound protein structures
MSnbase-an R/Bioconductor package for isobaric tagged mass spectrometry data visualization, processing and quantitation
Computing graphlet signatures of network nodes and motifs in Cytoscape with GraphletCounter
A novel and versatile computational tool to model translation
Gene set analysis in the cloud
NoRSE : noise reduction and state evaluator for high-frequency single event traces
PGDSpider : an automated data conversion tool for connecting population genetics and genomics programs
Addendum : topology and prediction of RNA pseudoknots