Industrial methodology for process verification in research (IMPROVER) : toward systems biology verification
Mirroring co-evolving trees in the light of their topologies
Evolutionary inaccuracy of pairwise structural alignments
SMURFLite : combining simplified Markov random fields with simulated evolution improves remote homology detection for beta-structural proteins into the twilight zone
Reno : regularized non-parametric analysis of protein lysate array data
Fast stochastic algorithm for simulating evolutionary population dynamics
PINALOG : a novel approach to align protein interaction networks—implications for complex detection and function prediction
Predicting the lethal phenotype of the knockout mouse by integrating comprehensive genomic data
Harmonization of gene/protein annotations : towards a gold standard MEDLINE
A strategy for building neuroanatomy ontologies
GOHTAM : a website for ‘Genomic Origin of Horizontal Transfers, Alignment and Metagenomics’
SEQanswers : an open access community for collaboratively decoding genomes
JETTA : junction and exon toolkits for transcriptome analysis
SAMSCOPE : an OpenGL-based real-time interactive scale-free SAM viewer
MDWeb and MDMoby : an integrated web-based platform for molecular dynamics simulations
CpGassoc : an R function for analysis of DNA methylation microarray data
FTEC : a coalescent simulator for modeling faster than exponential growth
Proteus : a web-based, context-specific modelling tool for molecular networks
GRiP : a computational tool to simulate transcription factor binding in prokaryotes
ADMIT : a toolbox for guaranteed model invalidation, estimation and qualitative–quantitative modeling
AntigenMap 3D : an online antigenic cartography resource
IsoCor : correcting MS data in isotope labeling experiments
A novel signal processing approach for the detection of copy number variations in the human genome