Identification of trans -acting siRNAs and their regulatory cascades in grapevine
An empirical Bayes mixture model for SNP detection in pooled sequencing data
PRISM: Pair-read informed split-read mapping for base-pair level detection of insertion, deletion and structural variants
Systematic comparison of RNA-Seq normalization methods using measurement error models
RazerS 3: Faster, fully sensitive read mapping
SKEMPI: a Structural Kinetic and Energetic database of Mutant Protein Interactions and its use in empirical models
Application of asymmetric statistical potentials to antibody–protein docking
An integrated approach to reduce the impact of minor allele frequency and linkage disequilibrium on variable importance measures for genome-wide data
FACETS: multi-faceted functional decomposition of protein interaction networks
Intensity quantile estimation and mapping—a novel algorithm for the correction of image non-uniformity bias in HCS data
Positive-unlabeled learning for disease gene identification
Qualitative translation of relations from BioPAX to SBML qual
A robust approach to extract biomedical events from literature
FacPad: Bayesian sparse factor modeling for the inference of pathways responsive to drug treatment
Impact of ontology evolution on functional analyses
Qualimap: evaluating next-generation sequencing alignment data
Quantifying uniformity of mapped reads
EuGene: maximizing synthetic gene design for heterologous expression
MEGA-CC: computing core of molecular evolutionary genetics analysis program for automated and iterative data analysis
EFICAz2.5: application of a high-precision enzyme function predictor to 396 proteomes
treePL: divergence time estimation using penalized likelihood for large phylogenies
PPfold 3.0: fast RNA secondary structure prediction using phylogeny and auxiliary data
BioJava: an open-source framework for bioinformatics in 2012
TRFolder-W: a web server for telomerase RNA structure prediction in yeast genomes
shortran: a pipeline for small RNA-seq data analysis
COMPADRE: an R and web resource for pathway activity analysis by component decompositions
SimRare: a program to generate and analyze sequence-based data for association studies of quantitative and qualitative traits
BasyLiCA: a tool for automatic processing of a Bacterial Live Cell Array
MetiTree: a web application to organize and process high-resolution multi-stage mass spectrometry metabolomics data