Binary Interval Search : a scalable algorithm for counting interval intersections
Simultaneous alignment and clustering of peptide data using a Gibbs sampling approach
STAR : ultrafast universal RNA-seq aligner
A hidden Markov model to identify combinatorial epigenetic regulation patterns for estrogen receptor α target genes
Rare variant discovery and calling by sequencing pooled samples with overlaps
DLocalMotif : a discriminative approach for discovering local motifs in protein sequences
Towards the development of standardized methods for comparison, ranking and evaluation of structure alignments
MP-T : improving membrane protein alignment for structure prediction
MycPermCheck : the Mycobacterium tuberculosis permeability prediction tool for small molecules
LOGICOIL—multi-state prediction of coiled-coil oligomeric state
RIP-chip enrichment analysis
Genotype calling and phasing using next-generation sequencing reads and a haplotype scaffold
Human protein–protein interaction prediction by a novel sequence-based co-evolution method : co-evolutionary divergence
Pathway hunting by random survival forests
NARROMI : a noise and redundancy reduction technique improves accuracy of gene regulatory network inference
MetaGeneTack : ab initio detection of frameshifts in metagenomic sequences
Dragon TIS Spotter : an Arabidopsis-derived predictor of translation initiation sites in plants
PBSIM : PacBio reads simulator—toward accurate genome assembly
MGAviewer : a desktop visualization tool for analysis of metagenomics alignment data
PriVar : a toolkit for prioritizing SNVs and indels from next-generation sequencing data
Introducing Drugster : a comprehensive and fully integrated drug design, lead and structure optimization toolkit
AffyRNADegradation : control and correction of RNA quality effects in GeneChip expression data
DvD : An R/Cytoscape pipeline for drug repurposing using public repositories of gene expression data
BlueSNP : R package for highly scalable genome-wide association studies using Hadoop clusters
XiP : a computational environment to create, extend and share workflows
SPSens : a software package for stochastic parameter sensitivity analysis of biochemical reaction networks
13CFLUX2—high-performance software suite for 13C-metabolic flux analysis
ADAM : automated data management for research datasets