SwiftLink: parallel MCMC linkage analysis using multicore CPU and GPU
In silico identification of oncogenic potential of fyn-related kinase in hepatocellular carcinoma
SCARPA: scaffolding reads with practical algorithms
ALE: a generic assembly likelihood evaluation framework for assessing the accuracy of genome and metagenome assemblies
MaSC: mappability-sensitive cross-correlation for estimating mean fragment length of single-end short-read sequencing data
Detecting and understanding genetic and structural features in HIV-1 B subtype V3 underlying HIV-1 co-receptor usage
Data exploration, quality control and testing in single-cell qPCR-based gene expression experiments
Disease-gene discovery by integration of 3D gene expression and transcription factor binding affinities
Assessing identity, redundancy and confounds in Gene Ontology annotations over time
Graphlet-based measures are suitable for biological network comparison
BroadPeak: a novel algorithm for identifying broad peaks in diffuse ChIP-seq datasets
NGSUtils: a software suite for analyzing and manipulating next-generation sequencing datasets
RS-WebPredictor: a server for predicting CYP-mediated sites of metabolism on drug-like molecules
The product of C9orf72, a gene strongly implicated in neurodegeneration, is structurally related to DENN Rab-GEFs
BETAWARE: a machine-learning tool to detect and predict transmembrane beta-barrel proteins in prokaryotes
InCroMAP: integrated analysis of cross-platform microarray and pathway data
HitWalker: variant prioritization for personalized functional cancer genomics
Ultranet: efficient solver for the sparse inverse covariance selection problem in gene network modeling
GeStoDifferent: a Cytoscape plugin for the generation and the identification of gene regulatory networks describing a stochastic cell differentiation process
ADAPT-NMR Enhancer: complete package for reduced dimensionality in protein NMR spectroscopy
KEGGParser: parsing and editing KEGG pathway maps in Matlab
rBiopaxParser—an R package to parse, modify and visualize BioPAX data
ChEMBLSpace—a graphical explorer of the chemogenomic space covered by the ChEMBL database
OntoMaton: a Bioportal powered ontology widget for Google Spreadsheets
A comprehensive SNP and indel imputability database