Non-parametric Bayesian approach to post-translational modification refinement of predictions from tandem mass spectrometry
Filtering duplicate reads from 454 pyrosequencing data
MosaicFinder: identification of fused gene families in sequence similarity networks
GROMACS 4.5: a high-throughput and highly parallel open source molecular simulation toolkit
aCSM: noise-free graph-based signatures to large-scale receptor-based ligand prediction
A powerful Bayesian meta-analysis method to integrate multiple gene set enrichment studies
Classification of mislabelled microarrays using robust sparse logistic regression
A dynamic Bayesian Markov model for phasing and characterizing haplotypes in next-generation sequencing
A new way to protect privacy in large-scale genome-wide association studies
The majority of endogenous microRNA targets within Alu elements avoid the microRNA machinery
Fast thermodynamically constrained flux variability analysis
Hybrid regulatory models: a statistically tractable approach to model regulatory network dynamics
SPINAL: scalable protein interaction network alignment
Chemical rule-based filtering of MS/MS spectra
Efficient comparison of sets of intervals with NC-lists
Quantifying spatial relationships from whole retinal images
Phylogenomic clustering for selecting non-redundant genomes for comparative genomics
MSMExplorer: visualizing Markov state models for biomolecule folding simulations
MODexplorer: an integrated tool for exploring protein sequence, structure and function relationships
Coalescent simulation in continuous space
ELECANS—an integrated model development environment for multiscale cancer systems biology
propy: a tool to generate various modes of Chou's PseAAC
eMZed: an open source framework in Python for rapid and interactive development of LC/MS data analysis workflows