A support vector machine for identification of single-nucleotide polymorphisms from next-generation sequencing data
Fast simulation of reconstructed phylogenies under global time-dependent birth–death processes
A novel web server predicts amino acid residue protection against hydrogen–deuterium exchange
Detecting regulatory gene–environment interactions with unmeasured environmental factors
Bayesian hierarchical model of protein-binding microarray k -mer data reduces noise and identifies transcription factor subclasses and preferred k -mers
Improved ancestry inference using weights from external reference panels
Analysis of Latino populations from GALA and MEC studies reveals genomic loci with biased local ancestry estimation
OKVAR-Boost: a novel boosting algorithm to infer nonlinear dynamics and interactions in gene regulatory networks
Measuring gene functional similarity based on group-wise comparison of GO terms
tmVar: a text mining approach for extracting sequence variants in biomedical literature
Active learning-based information structure analysis of full scientific articles and two applications for biomedical literature review
APP2: automatic tracing of 3D neuron morphology based on hierarchical pruning of a gray-weighted image distance-tree
ELOPER: elongation of paired-end reads as a pre-processing tool for improved de novo genome assembly
MCScanX-transposed : detecting transposed gene duplications based on multiple colinearity scans
FishingCNV: a graphical software package for detecting rare copy number variations in exome-sequencing data
A tool for RNA sequencing sample identity check
PathVisio-Faceted Search: an exploration tool for multi-dimensional navigation of large pathways
Biographer: web-based editing and rendering of SBGN compliant biochemical networks
MonaLisa—visualization and analysis of functional modules in biochemical networks
NetworkPrioritizer: a versatile tool for network-based prioritization of candidate disease genes or other molecules
LibSBMLSim: a reference implementation of fully functional SBML simulator
RegaDB: community-driven data management and analysis for infectious diseases
KGVDB: a population-based genomic map of CNVs tagged by SNPs in Koreans
Dragon PolyA Spotter: predictor of poly(A) motifs within human genomic DNA sequences