Harnessing virtual machines to simplify next-generation DNA sequencing analysis
Mechanistic insights into mutually exclusive splicing in dynamin 1
A genomic random interval model for statistical analysis of genomic lesion data
Quikr: a method for rapid reconstruction of bacterial communities via compressive sensing
A Sensitive and Accurate protein domain cLassification Tool (SALT) for short reads
Optimizing multiple sequence alignments using a genetic algorithm based on three objectives: structural information, non-gaps percentage and totally conserved columns
Charge asymmetry in the proteins of the outer membrane
A new framework for computational protein design through cost function network optimization
Joint analysis of expression profiles from multiple cancers improves the identification of microRNA–gene interactions
Data-based filtering for replicated high-throughput transcriptome sequencing experiments
Differential gene expression analysis using coexpression and RNA-Seq data
Co-regulation in embryonic stem cells via context-dependent binding of transcription factors
Topologically inferring risk-active pathways toward precise cancer classification by directed random walk
Flux balance impact degree: a new definition of impact degree to properly treat reversible reactions in metabolic networks
Towards building a disease-phenotype knowledge base: extracting disease-manifestation relationship from literature
GPViz: dynamic visualization of genomic regions and variants affecting protein domains
ChroMoS: an integrated web tool for SNP classification, prioritization and functional interpretation
The human genome contracts again
cisExpress : motif detection in DNA sequences
Pipit: visualizing functional impacts of structural variations
Cake: a bioinformatics pipeline for the integrated analysis of somatic variants in cancer genomes
CellMix: a comprehensive toolbox for gene expression deconvolution
Metingear: a development environment for annotating genome-scale metabolic models
GRN2SBML: automated encoding and annotation of inferred gene regulatory networks complying with SBML
SbacHTS: Spatial background noise correction for High-Throughput RNAi Screening
Linc2GO: a human LincRNA function annotation resource based on ceRNA hypothesis