Toward a statistically explicit understanding of de novo sequence assembly
Precise inference of copy number alterations in tumor samples from SNP arrays
SOAPfusion: a robust and effective computational fusion discovery tool for RNA-seq reads
HMCan: a method for detecting chromatin modifications in cancer samples using ChIP-seq data
FPSAC: fast phylogenetic scaffolding of ancient contigs
Assessing gene-level translational control from ribosome profiling
CruzDB: software for annotation of genomic intervals with UCSC genome-browser database
Adjusting scoring matrices to correct overextended alignments
BioPig: a Hadoop-based analytic toolkit for large-scale sequence data
Protein evolution along phylogenetic histories under structurally constrained substitution models
CLIPS-4D: a classifier that distinguishes structurally and functionally important residue-positions based on sequence and 3D data
Ontology-aware classification of tissue and cell-type signals in gene expression profiles across platforms and technologies
An integrated computational approach for metabolic flux analysis coupled with inference of tandem-MS collisional fragments
Discovering combinatorial interactions in survival data
Bridging the gap between transcriptome and proteome measurements identifies post-translationally regulated genes
Single assay-wide variance experimental (SAVE) design for high-throughput screening
Shaping the interaction landscape of bioactive molecules
Toxygates: interactive toxicity analysis on a hybrid microarray and linked data platform
Integrated profiling of three dimensional cell culture models and 3D microscopy
CPPpred: prediction of cell penetrating peptides
PAVIS: a tool for P eak A nnotation and Vis ualization
Explicet: graphical user interface software for metadata-driven management, analysis and visualization of microbiome data
RNA-Pareto: interactive analysis of Pareto-optimal RNA sequence-structure alignments
A simulator for spatially extended kappa models