Are graph databases ready for bioinformatics?
Compound cis -regulatory elements with both boundary and enhancer sequences in the human genome
Methods and challenges in timing chromosomal abnormalities within cancer samples
An alignment-free test for recombination
Lep-MAP: fast and accurate linkage map construction for large SNP datasets
Accurate prediction of bacterial type IV secreted effectors using amino acid composition and PSSM profiles
MATE-CLEVER: Mendelian-inheritance-aware discovery and genotyping of midsize and long indels
BCov: a method for predicting β-sheet topology using sparse inverse covariance estimation and integer programming
Optimized atomic statistical potentials: assessment of protein interfaces and loops
Molecular causes of transcriptional response: a Bayesian prior knowledge approach
Design and analysis of large-scale biological rhythm studies: a comparison of algorithms for detecting periodic signals in biological data
QSSPN: dynamic simulation of molecular interaction networks describing gene regulation, signalling and whole-cell metabolism in human cells
Fuzzy optimization for detecting enzyme targets of human uric acid metabolism
MS2PIP: a tool for MS/MS peak intensity prediction
STAR: an integrated solution to management and visualization of sequencing data
GPCR ontology: development and application of a G protein-coupled receptor pharmacology knowledge framework
ReportingTools: an automated result processing and presentation toolkit for high-throughput genomic analyses
BlastGraph: a comparative genomics tool based on BLAST and graph algorithms
miREval 2.0: a web tool for simple microRNA prediction in genome sequences
BSeQC: quality control of bisulfite sequencing experiments
DockAFM: benchmarking protein structures by docking under AFM topographs
INVEX—a web-based tool for integrative visualization of expression data
customProDB : an R package to generate customized protein databases from RNA-Seq data for proteomics search
WebGLORE: a Web service for Grid LOgistic REgression
BioServices: a common Python package to access biological Web Services programmatically
ISCB: past–present perspective for the International Society for Computational Biology
ISCB/SPRINGER series in computational biology