A novel splicing outcome reveals more than 2000 new mammalian protein isoforms
On the simultaneous association analysis of large genomic regions: a massive multi-locus association test
Identification and removal of low-complexity sites in allele-specific analysis of ChIP-seq data
A classification approach for DNA methylation profiling with bisulfite next-generation sequencing data
Flexible analysis of RNA-seq data using mixed effects models
Finding consistent disease subnetworks using PFSNet
Model-based clustering for RNA-seq data
Fast pairwise IBD association testing in genome-wide association studies
Testing multiple biological mediators simultaneously
Topological augmentation to infer hidden processes in biological systems
Combining optimization and machine learning techniques for genome-wide prediction of human cell cycle-regulated genes
PTMTreeSearch: a novel two-stage tree-search algorithm with pruning rules for the identification of post-translational modification of proteins in MS/MS spectra
Effect of separate sampling on classification accuracy
Development of a domain-specific genetic language to design Chlamydomonas reinhardtii expression vectors
footprintDB: a database of transcription factors with annotated cis elements and binding interfaces
Automated annotation of developmental stages of Drosophila embryos in images containing spatial patterns of expression
Rapid similarity search of proteins using alignments of domain arrangements
DoMosaics: software for domain arrangement visualization and domain-centric analysis of proteins
MEDIPS: genome-wide differential coverage analysis of sequencing data derived from DNA enrichment experiments
HPC-CLUST: distributed hierarchical clustering for large sets of nucleotide sequences
tRanslatome: an R/Bioconductor package to portray translational control
Pathway Commons at Virtual Cell: use of pathway data for mathematical modeling
SeqDepot: streamlined database of biological sequences and precomputed features
myChEMBL: a virtual machine implementation of open data and cheminformatics tools