RNA-seq differential expression studies: more sequence or more replication?
Identification of transcription factors for drug-associated gene modules and biomedical implications
Spatial regulation dominates gene function in the ganglia chain
Revisiting amino acid substitution matrices for identifying distantly related proteins
Coarse-grained versus atomistic simulations: realistic interaction free energies for real proteins
mCSM: predicting the effects of mutations in proteins using graph-based signatures
Accessibility of microRNA binding sites in metastable RNA secondary structures in the presence of SNPs
A mathematical model describing the mechanical kinetics of kinesin stepping
Gene Sets Net Correlations Analysis (GSNCA): a multivariate differential coexpression test for gene sets
HEFT: eQTL analysis of many thousands of expressed genes while simultaneously controlling for hidden factors
DDGni: Dynamic delay gene-network inference from high-temporal data using gapped local alignment
ABACUS: an entropy-based cumulative bivariate statistic robust to rare variants and different direction of genotype effect
Protein-driven inference of miRNA–disease associations
In silico site of metabolism prediction for human UGT-catalyzed reactions
Genes related to differentiation are correlated with the gene regulatory network structure
Exact likelihood computation in Boolean networks with probabilistic time delays, and its application in signal network reconstruction
DiSWOP: a novel measure for cell-level protein network analysis in localized proteomics image data
ChAMP: 450k Chip Analysis Methylation Pipeline
AISAIC: a software suite for accurate identification of significant aberrations in cancers
ISRNA: an integrative online toolkit for short reads from high-throughput sequencing data
jMetalCpp: optimizing molecular docking problems with a C++ metaheuristic framework
MemBuilder: a web-based graphical interface to build heterogeneously mixed membrane bilayers for the GROMACS biomolecular simulation program
PhenoMan: phenotypic data exploration, selection, management and quality control for association studies of rare and common variants
HomSI: a homozygous stretch identifier from next-generation sequencing data