Phylogeny-based classification of microbial communities
RNASurface: fast and accurate detection of locally optimal potentially structured RNA segments
slaMEM: efficient retrieval of maximal exact matches using a sampled LCP array
Combining evolutionary information extracted from frequency profiles with sequence-based kernels for protein remote homology detection
BETASEQ: a powerful novel method to control type-I error inflation in partially sequenced data for rare variant association testing
A phylogenetic Kalman filter for ancestral trait reconstruction using molecular data
Sequence-based Gaussian network model for protein dynamics
Joint estimation of isoform expression and isoform-specific read distribution using multisample RNA-Seq data
Chemical structure informing statistical hypothesis testing in metabolomics
Causal analysis approaches in Ingenuity Pathway Analysis
BEAMS: backbone extraction and merge strategy for the global many-to-many alignment of multiple PPI networks
NetCoffee: a fast and accurate global alignment approach to identify functionally conserved proteins in multiple networks
A hierarchical statistical modeling approach to analyze proteomic isobaric tag for relative and absolute quantitation data
A combinatorial approach to graphlet counting
NextClip: an analysis and read preparation tool for Nextera Long Mate Pair libraries
GPU linear and non-linear Poisson–Boltzmann solver module for DelPhi
Cascade: a R package to study, predict and simulate the diffusion of a signal through a temporal gene network
ProbeSelect: selecting differentially expressed probes in transcriptional profile data
forqs: forward-in-time simulation of recombination, quantitative traits and selection
VIRAPOPS: a forward simulator dedicated to rapidly evolved viral populations
HAMMER: automated operation of mass frontier to construct in silico mass spectral fragmentation libraries
ORCA: a COBRA toolbox extension for model-driven discovery and analysis
SILVER: an efficient tool for stable isotope labeling LC-MS data quantitative analysis with quality control methods
HTS navigator: freely accessible cheminformatics software for analyzing high-throughput screening data
ChromoHub V2: cancer genomics
DIVE: a data intensive visualization engine
Accurate identification of polyadenylation sites from 3′ end deep sequencing using a naïve Bayes classifier