15 years of “Bioinformatics”
Inferring therapeutic targets from heterogeneous data: HKDC1 is a novel potential therapeutic target for cancer
A statistical framework for power calculations in ChIP-seq experiments
NCS: incorporating positioning data to quantify nucleosome stability in yeast
WaveCNV: allele-specific copy number alterations in primary tumors and xenograft models from next-generation sequencing
Discriminative motif analysis of high-throughput dataset
Fast protein fragment similarity scoring using a Binet–Cauchy kernel
Computing cavities, channels, pores and pockets in proteins from non-spherical ligands models
A novel significance score for gene selection and ranking
Direction pathway analysis of large-scale proteomics data reveals novel features of the insulin action pathway
Rapid detection of expanded short tandem repeats in personal genomics using hybrid sequencing
Integrating multiple resources to identify specific transcriptional cooperativity with a Bayesian approach
Identification of important regressor groups, subgroups and individuals via regularization methods: application to gut microbiome data
A pathway-based data integration framework for prediction of disease progression
AllergenFP: allergenicity prediction by descriptor fingerprints
Prediction and early diagnosis of complex diseases by edge-network
Bayesian network prior: network analysis of biological data using external knowledge
Anatomical entity mention recognition at literature scale
The functional therapeutic chemical classification system
Protter: interactive protein feature visualization and integration with experimental proteomic data
A MATLAB-based tool for accurate detection of perfect overlapping and nested inverted repeats in DNA sequences
PREDDIMER: a web server for prediction of transmembrane helical dimers
RNAseqViewer: visualization tool for RNA-Seq data
MetaboNetworks, an interactive Matlab-based toolbox for creating, customizing and exploring sub-networks from KEGG
pyGCluster, a novel hierarchical clustering approach