A divergent calponin homology (NN–CH) domain defines a novel family: implications for evolution of ciliary IFT complex B proteins
SBML and CellML translation in Antimony and JSim
A wavelet-based method to exploit epigenomic language in the regulatory region
Efficient clustering of identity-by-descent between multiple individuals
featureCounts: an efficient general purpose program for assigning sequence reads to genomic features
NeuroPID: a predictor for identifying neuropeptide precursors from metazoan proteomes
Discriminative motif optimization based on perceptron training
Fingerprinting protein structures effectively and efficiently
PLIDA: cross-platform gene expression normalization using perturbed topic models
Wigwams: identifying gene modules co-regulated across multiple biological conditions
TSSer: an automated method to identify transcription start sites in prokaryotic genomes from differential RNA sequencing data
Refining carbon flux paths using atomic trace data
FastPros: screening of reaction knockout strategies for metabolic engineering
BiPACE 2D—graph-based multiple alignment for comprehensive 2D gas chromatography-mass spectrometry
Parallel content-based sub-image retrieval using hierarchical searching
Track data hubs enable visualization of user-defined genome-wide annotations on the UCSC Genome Browser
CrossMap: a versatile tool for coordinate conversion between genome assemblies
WiggleTools: parallel processing of large collections of genome-wide datasets for visualization and statistical analysis
PSAR-Align: improving multiple sequence alignment using probabilistic sampling
AVIA: an interactive web-server for annotation, visualization and impact analysis of genomic variations
MSIsensor: microsatellite instability detection using paired tumor-normal sequence data
ClockstaR: choosing the number of relaxed-clock models in molecular phylogenetic analysis
Site-heterogeneous mutation-selection models within the PhyloBayes-MPI package
ASSIST: a fast versatile local structural comparison tool
SplicePlot: a utility for visualizing splicing quantitative trait loci
RelateAdmix: a software tool for estimating relatedness between admixed individuals
JEPETTO: a Cytoscape plugin for gene set enrichment and topological analysis based on interaction networks
GPU-Meta-Storms: computing the structure similarities among massive amount of microbial community samples using GPU
Ondex Web: web-based visualization and exploration of heterogeneous biological networks
Assimilating genome-scale metabolic reconstructions with modelBorgifier
CheNER: chemical named entity recognizer
SurpriseMe: an integrated tool for network community structure characterization using Surprise maximization
LipidGO: database for lipid-related GO terms and applications
tasiRNAdb: a database of ta-siRNA regulatory pathways
Don't use a cannon to kill the … miRNA mosquito