Comparing DNA integration site clusters with scan statistics
Integrative gene set analysis of multi-platform data with sample heterogeneity
Supercomputing for the parallelization of whole genome analysis
Visualization and probability-based scoring of structural variants within repetitive sequences
iNuc-PseKNC: a sequence-based predictor for predicting nucleosome positioning in genomes with pseudo k-tuple nucleotide composition
Unraveling the outcome of 16S rDNA-based taxonomy analysis through mock data and simulations
SegAnnDB: interactive Web-based genomic segmentation
An efficient algorithm for accurate computation of the Dirichlet-multinomial log-likelihood function
Analysis of gene expression data using a linear mixed model/finite mixture model approach: application to regional differences in the human brain
Learning phenotype densities conditional on many interacting predictors
Complete enumeration of elementary flux modes through scalable demand-based subnetwork definition
Identifying critical transitions of complex diseases based on a single sample
Event trigger identification for biomedical events extraction using domain knowledge
AMASS: a database for investigating protein structures
The cleverSuite approach for protein characterization: predictions of structural properties, solubility, chaperone requirements and RNA-binding abilities
A benchmark for comparison of cell tracking algorithms
bwtool: a tool for bigWig files
HiBrowse: multi-purpose statistical analysis of genome-wide chromatin 3D organization
LPmerge: an R package for merging genetic maps by linear programming
StochHMM: a flexible hidden Markov model tool and C++ library
BIMA V3: an aligner customized for mate pair library sequencing
SurvMicro: assessment of miRNA-based prognostic signatures for cancer clinical outcomes by multivariate survival analysis
CoNtRol: an open source framework for the analysis of chemical reaction networks
HUM calculator and HUM package for R: easy-to-use software tools for multicategory receiver operating characteristic analysis
ARTS: automated randomization of multiple traits for study design
The 3DGD: a database of genome 3D structure