CWig: compressed representation of Wiggle/BedGraph format
Identification of chromosomal translocation hotspots via scan statistics
Reference-free prediction of rearrangement breakpoint reads
PePr: a peak-calling prioritization pipeline to identify consistent or differential peaks from replicated ChIP-Seq data
CLImAT: accurate detection of copy number alteration and loss of heterozygosity in impure and aneuploid tumor samples using whole-genome sequencing data
Memory-efficient RNA energy landscape exploration
SSpro/ACCpro 5: almost perfect prediction of protein secondary structure and relative solvent accessibility using profiles, machine learning and structural similarity
Next maSigPro: updating maSigPro bioconductor package for RNA-seq time series
Estimates of allele-specific expression in Drosophila with a single genome sequence and RNA-seq data
FamLBL: detecting rare haplotype disease association based on common SNPs using case-parent triads
DualAligner: a dual alignment-based strategy to align protein interaction networks
Mirsynergy: detecting synergistic miRNA regulatory modules by overlapping neighbourhood expansion
Massifquant: open-source Kalman filter-based XC-MS isotope trace feature detection
Accurate cell segmentation in microscopy images using membrane patterns
SparkSeq: fast, scalable and cloud-ready tool for the interactive genomic data analysis with nucleotide precision
GenomeVISTA—an integrated software package for whole-genome alignment and visualization
Tedna: a transposable element de novo assembler
EuGene-PP: a next-generation automated annotation pipeline for prokaryotic genomes
keeSeek: searching distant non-existing words in genomes for PCR-based applications
MPBind: a Meta-motif-based statistical framework and pipeline to Predict Binding potential of SELEX-derived aptamers
MoDPepInt: an interactive web server for prediction of modular domain–peptide interactions
MIPgen: optimized modeling and design of molecular inversion probes for targeted resequencing
GT-Scan: identifying unique genomic targets
CODOC: efficient access, analysis and compression of depth of coverage signals
PatternCNV: a versatile tool for detecting copy number changes from exome sequencing data
Evol and ProDy for bridging protein sequence evolution and structural dynamics
CAVER Analyst 1.0: graphic tool for interactive visualization and analysis of tunnels and channels in protein structures
AlphaMPSim: flexible simulation of multi-parent crosses
MaxLink: network-based prioritization of genes tightly linked to a disease seed set
HTML5 PivotViewer: high-throughput visualization and querying of image data on the web