Toward better understanding of artifacts in variant calling from high-coverage samples
H 3 M 2: detection of runs of homozygosity from whole-exome sequencing data
CNV-guided multi-read allocation for ChIP-seq
Learning protein–DNA interaction landscapes by integrating experimental data through computational models
A multiobjective method for robust identification of bacterial small non-coding RNAs
ARBitrator: a software pipeline for on-demand retrieval of auto-curated nifH sequences from GenBank
Efficient initial volume determination from electron microscopy images of single particles
Intensity drift removal in LC/MS metabolomics by common variance compensation
Fast and accurate imputation of summary statistics enhances evidence of functional enrichment
Fast spatial ancestry via flexible allele frequency surfaces
Drug repositioning by integrating target information through a heterogeneous network model
MAGNA: Maximizing Accuracy in Global Network Alignment
Improving peak detection in high-resolution LC/MS metabolomics data using preexisting knowledge and machine learning approach
The Amordad database engine for metagenomics
COSMOS: Python library for massively parallel workflows
GATB: Genome Assembly & Analysis Tool Box
bammds: a tool for assessing the ancestry of low-depth whole-genome data using multidimensional scaling (MDS)
RAPIDR: an analysis package for non-invasive prenatal testing of aneuploidy
Genome editing assessment using CRISPR Genome Analyzer (CRISPR-GA)
repfdr: a tool for replicability analysis for genome-wide association studies
TPpred2: improving the prediction of mitochondrial targeting peptide cleavage sites by exploiting sequence motifs
cc SOL omics : a webserver for solubility prediction of endogenous and heterologous expression in Escherichia coli
PyWATER: a PyMOL plug-in to find conserved water molecules in proteins by clustering
YASARA View—molecular graphics for all devices—from smartphones to workstations
TRES predicts transcription control in embryonic stem cells
FindPath: a Matlab solution for in silico design of synthetic metabolic pathways
TAPAS: tools to assist the targeted protein quantification of human alternative splice variants
mcmc_clib–an advanced MCMC sampling package for ode models