Big data and other challenges in the quest for orthologs
Comparison of the mammalian insulin signalling pathway to invertebrates in the context of FOXO-mediated ageing
proovread : large-scale high-accuracy PacBio correction through iterative short read consensus
A new approach for detecting riboswitches in DNA sequences
Monte Carlo algorithms for Brownian phylogenetic models
CCBuilder: an interactive web-based tool for building, designing and assessing coiled-coil protein assemblies
Modeling time-dependent transcription effects of HER2 oncogene and discovery of a role for E2F2 in breast cancer cell-matrix adhesion
An improved method for computing q-values when the distribution of effect sizes is asymmetric
Network-based analysis identifies epigenetic biomarkers of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma progression
Más-o-menos: a simple sign averaging method for discrimination in genomic data analysis
Inferring condition-specific miRNA activity from matched miRNA and mRNA expression data
Compression and fast retrieval of SNP data
ASP-G: an ASP-based method for finding attractors in genetic regulatory networks
Systematic analysis of gene properties influencing organ system phenotypes in mammalian perturbations
Biocellion : accelerating computer simulation of multicellular biological system models
e-Driver: a novel method to identify protein regions driving cancer
MToolBox: a highly automated pipeline for heteroplasmy annotation and prioritization analysis of human mitochondrial variants in high-throughput sequencing
AffyPipe: an open-source pipeline for Affymetrix Axiom genotyping workflow
FisHiCal: an R package for iterative FISH-based calibration of Hi-C data
STAMP: statistical analysis of taxonomic and functional profiles
Circleator: flexible circular visualization of genome-associated data with BioPerl and SVG
CCMpred—fast and precise prediction of protein residue–residue contacts from correlated mutations
GlycoDigest: a tool for the targeted use of exoglycosidase digestions in glycan structure determination
lrgpr: interactive linear mixed model analysis of genome-wide association studies with composite hypothesis testing and regression diagnostics in R
sapFinder: an R/Bioconductor package for detection of variant peptides in shotgun proteomics experiments
NetPathMiner: R/Bioconductor package for network path mining through gene expression
FISH: fast and accurate diploid genotype imputation via segmental hidden Markov model