Detection of active transcription factor binding sites with the combination of DNase hypersensitivity and histone modifications
Bias correction for selecting the minimal-error classifier from many machine learning models
Modeling genome coverage in single-cell sequencing
BitPAl: a bit-parallel, general integer-scoring sequence alignment algorithm
A method for de novo nucleic acid diagnostic target discovery
Tracking global changes induced in the CD4 T-cell receptor repertoire by immunization with a complex antigen using short stretches of CDR3 protein sequence
Quantitative method for the assignment of hinge and shear mechanism in protein domain movements
FARVAT: a family-based rare variant association test
Greater power and computational efficiency for kernel-based association testing of sets of genetic variants
Walking the interactome for candidate prioritization in exome sequencing studies of Mendelian diseases
Network-based analysis of genotype–phenotype correlations between different inheritance modes
Estimating biological elementary flux modes that decompose a flux distribution by the minimal branching property
Retro: concept-based clustering of biomedical topical sets
BioTextQuest+: a knowledge integration platform for literature mining and concept discovery
Thresher: an improved algorithm for peak height thresholding of microbial community profiles
Trowel: a fast and accurate error correction module for Illumina sequencing reads
Figmop: a profile HMM to identify genes and bypass troublesome gene models in draft genomes
Basic4Cseq: an R/Bioconductor package for analyzing 4C-seq data
DNAApp: a mobile application for sequencing data analysis
gCUP: rapid GPU-based HIV-1 co-receptor usage prediction for next-generation sequencing
Fast construction of FM-index for long sequence reads
AliView: a fast and lightweight alignment viewer and editor for large datasets
Kotai Antibody Builder: automated high-resolution structural modeling of antibodies
MEGADOCK 4.0: an ultra–high-performance protein–protein docking software for heterogeneous supercomputers
APPEX: analysis platform for the identification of prognostic gene expression signatures in cancer
Metabomxtr: an R package for mixture-model analysis of non-targeted metabolomics data
Drug/Cell-line Browser: interactive canvas visualization of cancer drug/cell-line viability assay datasets
img2net: automated network-based analysis of imaged phenotypes