Insights into structural variations and genome rearrangements in prokaryotic genomes
BigDataScript: a scripting language for data pipelines
SignalSpider: probabilistic pattern discovery on multiple normalized ChIP-Seq signal profiles
Improved rat genome gene prediction by integration of ESTs with RNA-Seq information
Making novel proteins from pseudogenes
Prediction of Indel flanking regions in protein sequences using a variable-order Markov model
JAMM: a peak finder for joint analysis of NGS replicates
Using population data for assessing next-generation sequencing performance
Individual-level analysis of differential expression of genes and pathways for personalized medicine
Estimation of GFP-tagged RNA numbers from temporal fluorescence intensity data
Gene regulatory networks by transcription factors and microRNAs in breast cancer
Snowball: resampling combined with distance-based regression to discover transcriptional consequences of a driver mutation
VirVarSeq: a low-frequency virus variant detection pipeline for Illumina sequencing using adaptive base-calling accuracy filtering
Over-representation of correlation analysis (ORCA): a method for identifying associations between variable sets
GenPlay Multi-Genome, a tool to compare and analyze multiple human genomes in a graphical interface
mod_bio: Apache modules for Next-Generation sequencing data
poRe: an R package for the visualization and analysis of nanopore sequencing data
Genomon ITDetector: a tool for somatic internal tandem duplication detection from cancer genome sequencing data
PseKNC-General: a cross-platform package for generating various modes of pseudo nucleotide compositions
ballaxy: web services for structural bioinformatics
CCharPPI web server: computational characterization of protein–protein interactions from structure
RCSB PDB Mobile : iOS and Android mobile apps to provide data access and visualization to the RCSB Protein Data Bank
RAMONA: a Web application for gene set analysis on multilevel omics data
BalestraWeb: efficient online evaluation of drug–target interactions
cddApp: a Cytoscape app for accessing the NCBI conserved domain database
UNDO: a Bioconductor R package for unsupervised deconvolution of mixed gene expressions in tumor samples
The GOBLET training portal: a global repository of bioinformatics training materials, courses and trainers
The Ensembl REST API: Ensembl Data for Any Language
Achievements and challenges in structural bioinformatics and computational biophysics