Using the plurality of codon positions to identify deleterious variants in human exomes
Novel function discovery with GeneMANIA: a new integrated resource for gene function prediction in Escherichia coli
Pooled assembly of marine metagenomic datasets: enriching annotation through chimerism
Genome measures used for quality control are dependent on gene function and ancestry
Log-odds sequence logos
Integrative data analysis indicates an intrinsic disordered domain character of Argonaute-binding motifs
An alternative approach to multiple testing for methylation QTL mapping reduces the proportion of falsely identified CpGs
Visual workflows for 13C-metabolic flux analysis
Inference of protein kinetics by stochastic modeling and simulation of fluorescence recovery after photobleaching experiments
LocalAli: an evolutionary-based local alignment approach to identify functionally conserved modules in multiple networks
Computing autocatalytic sets to unravel inconsistencies in metabolic network reconstructions
PhosphoPICK: modelling cellular context to map kinase-substrate phosphorylation events
A stochastic automaton model for simulating kinesin processivity
Deviance residuals-based sparse PLS and sparse kernel PLS regression for censored data
PDB-wide collection of binding data: current status of the PDBbind database
WhopGenome: high-speed access to whole-genome variation and sequence data in R
DupliPHY-Web: a web server for DupliPHY and DupliPHY-ML
SNPsnap: a Web-based tool for identification and annotation of matched SNPs
SIST: stress-induced structural transitions in superhelical DNA
The RNA shapes studio
CompMap: a reference-based compression program to speed up read mapping to related reference sequences
ExomeAI: detection of recurrent allelic imbalance in tumors using whole-exome sequencing data
MulRF: a software package for phylogenetic analysis using multi-copy gene trees
Tabhu: tools for antibody humanization
Rcount: simple and flexible RNA-Seq read counting
VCF2Networks: applying genotype networks to single-nucleotide variants data
NOVA: a software to analyze complexome profiling data
GeneNet Toolbox for MATLAB: a flexible platform for the analysis of gene connectivity in biological networks
FungiFun2: a comprehensive online resource for systematic analysis of gene lists from fungal species
OrthoInspector 2.0: Software and database updates
SNP-SIG 2013: the state of the art of genomic variant interpretation