Automated structural classification of lipids by machine learning
iDoComp: a compression scheme for assembled genomes
MACOED: a multi-objective ant colony optimization algorithm for SNP epistasis detection in genome-wide association studies
Using 2 k  + 2 bubble searches to find single nucleotide polymorphisms in k -mer graphs
Automatic prediction of polysaccharide utilization loci in Bacteroidetes species
eQTL epistasis: detecting epistatic effects and inferring hierarchical relationships of genes in biological pathways
FlaiMapper: computational annotation of small ncRNA-derived fragments using RNA-seq high-throughput data
Context similarity scoring improves protein sequence alignments in the midnight zone
Computational framework for next-generation sequencing of heterogeneous viral populations using combinatorial pooling
A coalescent-based method for population tree inference with haplotypes
Mass spectrometry-based protein identification with accurate statistical significance assignment
Large-scale binding ligand prediction by improved patch-based method Patch-Surfer2.0
A model for the expression of gap genes based on the Jeffreys-type equation
Fast and accurate site frequency spectrum estimation from low coverage sequence data
Detecting time periods of differential gene expression using Gaussian processes: an application to endothelial cells exposed to radiotherapy dose fraction
A novel representation of genomic sequences for taxonomic clustering and visualization by means of self-organizing maps
Measuring the wisdom of the crowds in network-based gene function inference
An efficient TOF-SIMS image analysis with spatial correlation and alternating non–negativity-constrained least squares
DANN: a deep learning approach for annotating the pathogenicity of genetic variants
Navigating protected genomics data with UCSC Genome Browser in a Box
Waggawagga: comparative visualization of coiled-coil predictions and detection of stable single α-helices (SAH domains)
deML: robust demultiplexing of Illumina sequences using a likelihood-based approach
SEABED: Small molEcule activity scanner weB servicE baseD
PPDMs—a resource for mapping small molecule bioactivities from ChEMBL to Pfam-A protein domains
WebPSN: a web server for high-throughput investigation of structural communication in biomacromolecules
minimac2: faster genotype imputation
MP-GeneticSynth: inferring biological network regulations from time series
MetMSLine: an automated and fully integrated pipeline for rapid processing of high-resolution LC–MS metabolomic datasets
JAMSS: proteomics mass spectrometry simulation in Java
Semantic Body Browser: graphical exploration of an organism and spatially resolved expression data visualization
PALMsiever: a tool to turn raw data into results for single-molecule localization microscopy
Identification of deleterious synonymous variants in human genomes