Data Safe Havens in health research and healthcare
A note on the false discovery rate of novel peptides in proteogenomics
Quantitative frame analysis and the annotation of GC-rich (and other) prokaryotic genomes. An application to Anaeromyxobacter dehalogenans
Assembling short reads from jumping libraries with large insert sizes
TPpred3 detects and discriminates mitochondrial and chloroplastic targeting peptides in eukaryotic proteins
LFQC : a lossless compression algorithm for FASTQ files
An efficient Bayesian inference framework for coalescent-based nonparametric phylodynamics
biRte : Bayesian inference of context-specific regulator activities and transcriptional networks
Fast-SL : an efficient algorithm to identify synthetic lethal sets in metabolic networks
TENET : topological feature-based target characterization in signalling networks
libRoadRunner : a high performance SBML simulation and analysis library
Investigating microbial co-occurrence patterns based on metagenomic compositional data
NCC-AUC : an AUC optimization method to identify multi-biomarker panel for cancer prognosis from genomic and clinical data
IBiSS, a versatile and interactive tool for integrated sequence and 3D structure analysis of large macromolecular complexes
MetaPathways v2.5 : quantitative functional, taxonomic and usability improvements
GenomeD3Plot : a library for rich, interactive visualizations of genomic data in web applications
Bandage : interactive visualization of de novo genome assemblies
atSNP : transcription factor binding affinity testing for regulatory SNP detection
Change-O : a toolkit for analyzing large-scale B cell immunoglobulin repertoire sequencing data
IBS : an illustrator for the presentation and visualization of biological sequences
PPUS : a web server to predict PUS-specific pseudouridine sites
Chimira : analysis of small RNA sequencing data and microRNA modifications
MetaQuery : a web server for rapid annotation and quantitative analysis of specific genes in the human gut microbiome
damidseq_pipeline : an automated pipeline for processing DamID sequencing datasets
FoldNucleus : web server for the prediction of RNA and protein folding nuclei from their 3D structures
Forna (force-directed RNA) : Simple and effective online RNA secondary structure diagrams
Sincell : an R/Bioconductor package for statistical assessment of cell-state hierarchies from single-cell RNA-seq
JSBML 1.0 : providing a smorgasbord of options to encode systems biology models
REDEMPTION : reduced dimension ensemble modeling and parameter estimation
Hyperscape : visualization for complex biological networks
Rchemcpp : a web service for structural analoging in ChEMBL, Drugbank and the Connectivity Map
AmyLoad : website dedicated to amyloidogenic protein fragments
Real-time multi-view deconvolution