Statistically identifying tumor suppressors and oncogenes from pan-cancer genome-sequencing data
Canonical, stable, general mapping using context schemes
Strategies to improve the performance of rare variant association studies by optimizing the selection of controls
Spaced seeds improve k -mer-based metagenomic classification
TEtranscripts: a package for including transposable elements in differential expression analysis of RNA-seq datasets
High-order neural networks and kernel methods for peptide-MHC binding prediction
Mapping networks of light–dark transition in LOV photoreceptors
A Bayesian approach for structure learning in oscillating regulatory networks
Statistical models for RNA-seq data derived from a two-condition 48-replicate experiment
Designing alternative splicing RNA-seq studies. Beyond generic guidelines
Identifying novel associations between small molecules and miRNAs based on integrated molecular networks
MetTailor: dynamic block summary and intensity normalization for robust analysis of mass spectrometry data in metabolomics
A mutation profile for top- k patient search exploiting Gene-Ontology and orthogonal non-negative matrix factorization
The application of a novel ‘rising activity, multi-level mixed effects, indicator emphasis’ (RAMMIE) method for syndromic surveillance in England
Alternative preprocessing of RNA-Sequencing data in The Cancer Genome Atlas leads to improved analysis results
SomaticSignatures: inferring mutational signatures from single-nucleotide variants
CRISPR-ERA: a comprehensive design tool for CRISPR-mediated gene editing, repression and activation
The MI bundle: enabling network and structural biology in genome visualization tools
GeneVetter: a web tool for quantitative monogenic assessment of rare diseases
ClicO FS: an interactive web-based service of Circos
CEMAsuite: open source degenerate PCR primer design
Roary: rapid large-scale prokaryote pan genome analysis
FermiKit: assembly-based variant calling for Illumina resequencing data
WATCLUST: a tool for improving the design of drugs based on protein-water interactions
SynLinker: an integrated system for designing linkers and synthetic fusion proteins
BackCLIP: a tool to identify common background presence in PAR-CLIP datasets
Generation of sequence-based data for pedigree-segregating Mendelian or Complex traits
SNPGenie: estimating evolutionary parameters to detect natural selection using pooled next-generation sequencing data
RxnSim: a tool to compare biochemical reactions
GeneCOST: a novel scoring-based prioritization framework for identifying disease causing genes
dendextend: an R package for visualizing, adjusting and comparing trees of hierarchical clustering